Best Agrolife acquires Sudarshan Farm Chemicals India with an enterprise value of INR 139 Cr

Best Agrolife acquires Sudarshan Farm Chemicals India with estimated enterprise value of INR 139 Cr

New Delhi: Best Agrolife (BAL), a leading manufacturer of agrochemicals in India, officially announced its acquisition of Sudarshan Farm Chemicals India (SFCL). This acquisition involves obtaining the 100 per cent stake through cash consideration, with an estimated enterprise value of Rupees 139 crores based on the valuation. The cash outflow for Best Agrolife will be to the tune of Rupees 9.5 crore after considering the net working capital and other liabilities. BAL expects to gain significant synergies with this acquisition in the area of R&D and Brand. With this strategic move, BAL aims to capitalise on SFCL’s robust R&D capabilities, IP portfolio, and backward-integrated technical manufacturing expertise. The acquisition will enable BAL to leverage SFCL’s proficiency in developing cost-effective and distinctive manufacturing routes for off-patent molecules.

Sudarshan Farm Chemicals India has been known for its innovative process chemistries, having an IP portfolio of 10 patents (applied). With this acquisition, Best Agrolife will gain access to SFCL’s IP portfolio and its R&D.

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With this move, BAL gains access to SFCL’s brands of Sutathion, Suphos, Suchlor and Sumidon. The addition of these brands will bolster BAL’s presence in the central and southern regions. Sudarshan’s extensive network of over 2500 dealers will be a catalyst for inorganic growth, in alignment with BAL’s proposed capacity expansion plans.

Best Agrolife (BAL) is a leading agrochemical company, boasts manufacturing capacities of 7,000 MTPA for technicals and 30,000 MTPA for formulations across three manufacturing plants situated in Gajraula, Greater Noida, and Jammu & Kashmir. With a network of over 8,500 distributors across India, BAL maintains an impressive portfolio of over 480 formulations and holds over 115 technical manufacturing licenses.

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