Corteva Agriscience launches Novlect herbicide to control weeds in rice crop

Corteva Agriscience launches Novlect herbicide to control weed in rice crop

Corteva Agriscience, a global agriculture science company, has launched Novlect herbicide for controlling a wide range of broadleaf, grassy weeds, and hard-to-kill species of weeds in rice fields, the company announced today.

“Novlect herbicide’s combination of Rinskor active has proven very beneficial in effective weed management including direct seeded rice (DSR). It has a favourable toxicology and ecotoxicology profile which benefits soil health and the environment. Its advanced formulation allows for easy handling, mixing, and application, making Novlect a distinctive product that performs effectively across variable weather conditions and water management environments. The product effectively controls weeds that are resistant to ALS (Acetolactate synthase), ACCase (Acetyl- coenzyme A carboxylase), and HPPD (Hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase) HPPD inhibitor herbicides as well,” Corteva Agriscience claimed.

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Sharing his experience on the results of using Novlect in his field, Shankar Nannilam, a rice farmer from Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu said, “Weeds are the biggest problem in my rice fields. I have used several combinations of herbicides in the past but never got the desired result. However, after using Novlect herbicide, I noticed excellent weed control and a clean, healthy rice field.”

Speaking on the company’s focus to bring sustainable and innovative agricultural products to India, Ravinder Balain, President – South Asia, Corteva Agriscience said, “Farmers are looking for modern solutions to address their challenges and improve productivity. It has been our endeavour to provide advanced crop protection technologies that will help farmers meet this goal. Novlect is our latest technology for effective management of crop productivity, hindering weed and providing farmers with long-term, eco-friendly control in rice cultivation.”

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Highlighting the challenges in weed management in DSR, Dr P Murali Arthanari, a weed scientist from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), Coimbatore said, “Herbicide resistance is one of the biggest issues faced by Indian farmers who grow rice. Novlect which contains Rinskor active is the latest technology that will deter resistance development and control major weeds, including the tough ones like Leptochloa and Cyperus very effectively.”

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