FMC India launches ‘Entazia’ biofungicide, a biological solution for crop protection

FMC India launches ‘Entazia’ biofungicide, a biological solution for crop protection

FMC India, a global agricultural sciences company, today announced the launch of Entazia biofungicide, a biological crop protection product formulated with Bacillus subtilis. This solution provides farmers with a powerful and sustainable tool to protect their crops from fungi while maintaining environmental integrity.

“Entazia biofungicide marks a stride forward in FMC India’s mission to transform agriculture and address the evolving needs of farmers with biological solutions. This innovative product leverages the natural capabilities of Bacillus subtilis to control bacterial leaf blight, one of the most serious diseases of rice. By activating the crop’s defence system against plant pathogens, Entazia biofungicide acts to prevent and control bacterial leaf blight, while staying harmless to natural predators and parasites,” FMC India claims.

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“The biological product promotes natural pest defence by utilising the naturally occurring Bacillus subtilis to establish a robust line of defence against bacterial leaf blight. Fostering a healthy plant microbiome bolsters plants’ resilience to stress factors and contributes to overall growth and vigour. Entazia biofungicide can be applied in an integrated pest management programme with FMC’s biostimulants and synthetic fungicides for additional plant benefits,” the agricultural sciences company said.

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“FMC takes pride in delivering a crop protection solution that embodies our dedication to sustainable agriculture. Entazia biofungicide exemplifies our resolve to provide farmers with tools that not only ensure their productivity but also contribute to a greener, more balanced agricultural ecosystem,” said Ravi Annavarapu, FMC India President. “FMC India remains steadfast in our pursuit of excellence and innovation, and we are confident that this new product will contribute to the advancement and development of biological solutions within India’s agricultural landscape,” he added.

The company says that the newly launched biofungicide would continue to promote innovative, safe and sustainable solutions that complement its world-class synthetic solutions.

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