Cabinet approves revised MSP for Kharif crops for 2018-19

Cabinet approves revised MSP for Kharif crops for 2018-19

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved the revised Minimum Support Prices (MSP) for all Kharif crops for 2018-19 Season.
The Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) had recommended MSPs for all Kharif crops broadly in line with the announced principle.
The Minimum Support Prices (MSPs) for all Kharif crops of 2018-19 season have been revised as follows:

Commodity Variety MSP for 2017-18 Season MSP approved for 2018-19 Season Increase
Absolute Percentage
Paddy Common 1550 1750 200 12.90
Grade A 1590 1770 180 11.32
Jowar Hybrid 1700 2430 730 42.94
Maldandi 1725 2450 725 42.03
Bajra 1425 1950 525 36.84
Ragi 1900 2897 997 52.47
Maize 1425 1700 275 19.30
Arhar (Tur) 5450 5675 225 4.13
Moong 5575 6975 1400 25.11
Urad 5400 5600 200 3.70
Groundnut 4450 4890 440 9.89
Sunflower Seed 4100 5388 1288 31.42
Soyabean 3050 3399 349 11.44
Sesamum 5300 6249 949 17.91
Nigerseed 4050 5877 1827 45.11
Cotton Medium Staple 4020 5150 1130 28.11
Long Staple 4320 5450 1130 26.16

The increase in the MSPs of Nigerseed at Rs.1827 per quintal, moong by Rs.1400 per quintal, sunflower seed by Rs.1288 per quintal and cotton by Rs.1130 per quintal is unprecedented.
Amongst cereals and nutri cereals, in terms of absolute increase, MSP of paddy (common) has been raised by Rs 200 per quintal, jowar (hybrid) by Rs 730 per quintal and ragi by Rs 997 per quintal. The highest percentage increase in MSP over the previous year is for ragi (52.47%) followed by jowar hybrid (42.94%). For pulses, apart from Moong, MSP of arhar (tur) has been raised by Rs 225 per quintal and urad by Rs 200 per quintal. Similarly, the MSP of Bajra has been raised by Rs.525 per quintal.
Food Corporation of India (FCI) and other designated state agencies would continue to provide price support to the farmers in the case of cereals including nutri-cereals. National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED), FCI, Small Farmers Agri -Business Consortium (SFAC) and other designated Central agencies would continue to undertake procurement of pulses and oilseeds. Cotton Corporation of India (CCI) will be the central nodal agency for undertaking price support operations for cotton.

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  1. Sir
    Indeed it is a happy news for the farming community that Govt increased the MSP of agricultural produse’.But the hike is very less when compared to the increase of inputs’.So the govt must take into consideration the appeals of the farming community for more increase of their produces’

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