APEDA inaugurates virtual trade fair for horticultural products

APEDA inaugurates virtual trade fair for horticultural products

In order to boost export potential of India’s agricultural and processed food products during the COVID19 pandemic, Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) today inaugurated a 3-day second virtual trade fair (VTF) for horticultural produce.

The three days VTF (May 27-29, 2021) displays India’s unique fruits, vegetables and floricultural products sourced from various regions for the global importers. There are more than 471 exhibitors or exporters have displayed their products in the virtual platform. As many as 543 numbers of visitor and importers have registered their participation in the VTF.

The exhibitors or exporters of fresh vegetables, fresh mangoes, fresh pomegranate and grapes and other fresh fruits have showcased their products for their global importers. Visitors from India, Singapore, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Bahrain, Israel, Suriname, Afghanistan, Japan, Iceland, Maldives and Brunei have already participated in the VTF.

Earlier, APEDA organised the first VTF during March 10-12, 2021 which drew more than 400 visitors. There were 313 exhibitors registered for the mega virtual event where 128 stalls were set up to showcase products from the categories – basmati rice, non-basmati rice, millets, wheat, maize, groundnut and coarse grains.

The buyers from around the globe showed keen interest in a variety of product categories displayed during virtual trade fair.

Due to the COVID19 related restrictions on physical travel and trade, APEDA has initiated the concept of virtual trade fair for sustaining India’s agricultural and processed food products exports and also exploring new markets for expanding export footprints.

In the pre-COVID19 era, trade fairs and exhibitions have been instrumental in promoting export of agricultural foods by APEDA. In the VTF, the trade facilitations take place using interactive technology.

At VTF, the exporters and importer meetings were held with no interruption via audio as well as video sessions. The fair provided the facility workshops, product launches, live streams and webinars. The virtual meet facilitated private meetings as well as personalised meetings.

The online interactions between exporters and importers and data exchanged during such interaction were secured and could be accessed only by parties concerned.

Such virtual events also provide cost effective and productive platforms where the buyers and sellers could negotiate or discuss trade face to face giving a feel of real time exhibitions or fairs.

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