Hatsun Agro Product launches Hatsun Cow Milk

Hatsun Agro Product launches Hatsun Cow Milk

Hatsun Agro Product (HAP), India’s leading private sector dairy company has expanded its portfolio in the milk segment with the launch of ‘Hatsun Cow Milk’ in Chennai today. The product is a new offering that would provide farm fresh cow milk to Indian households.
Hatsun Cow Milk is launched with an aim to meet the evolving requirements of customers. Farm fresh milk is pasteurised and packed at state-of-the-art milk plants of HAP and is certified before reaching the customers. Pasteurisation is a process of heating milk to a specific temperature to kill harmful bacteria and nothing is added or removed from the milk during the process. This process ensures the safety of milk.
To provide milk in its truest and natural form to customers, Hatsun Cow Milk is not homogenised eventually leading to formation of creamy layer that rises to the top of the container after boiling. Hatsun Cow Milk adheres to the company’s high standards of quality.
Priced at Rs. 25, Hatsun Cow Milk is available in 500 ml packs at Hatsun Daily outlets and other retail outlets.
Highlighting about the new offering, Prasanna Venkatesh J, AVP-Marketing & Sales, Hatsun Agro Product said, “Hatsun Cow Milk is launched to cater to the growing customer requirement for a safe and creamier cow milk option that is akin to farm fresh raw milk. Currently, the product is launched in select towns in Tamil Nadu such as Chennai, Vellore, Trichy, Salem as well as Pondicherry and will be rolled out in other states as well.”
Hatsun Agro Product (HAP) procures milk from select fine quality cattle collected directly from around 400,000 farmers, chosen with care. HAP’s portfolio includes, Arun Ice creams – South India’s leading ice cream brand, Arokya Milk – the country’s largest private sector milk brand, Hatsun Dairy Products – a rapidly growing, wide portfolio brand of dairy products, Ibaco – Premium chain of ice cream outlets enabling consumers create their own ice cream sundaes, Oyalo – New brand offering from Hatsun that dishes out delicious pizzas and Santosa – a fast growing cattle feed brand. HAP’s products are exported to 38 countries around the world.

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