Leads Connect launches agri value chain to support farmers and agribusiness in UP

Leads Connect launches agri value chain to support farmers and agribusiness in UP

Leads Connect Services, an agritech company has launched an agri value chain solution “Khet Se Kitchen Tak” to support the farmers’ community and agribusinesses. According to the agritech company, this farm-to-fork solution would help improve productivity and sustainability in the agriculture sector.

To provide full-stack solutions to ease problems for farmers, farmer producer organisations (FPOs), and agribusinesses, Leads Connect has collaborated with Rohilkhand Laboratory & Research Centre (RLRC) for providing critical food testing, assaying, and certification facilities to agribusinesses at the farm gates; FMCG company, BL Agro and Laxmi Agro for providing market linkage, bringing curated, packed quality food material to consumers’ kitchens through its extensive network of distributors pan India. In this initiative, Leads Connect will provide precision farm advisory, financial and crop risk management to the agriculture community.

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Speaking about the development, Navneet Ravikar, Chairman & Managing Director, Leads Connect Services, said, “The changing global demands are outpacing what our current agricultural and food systems can achieve. Currently, over 50 per cent of India’s population depends upon agriculture to put food on the table. Yet, the sector contributes merely 20 per cent of the national GDP. All these are signals of the dire necessity of a digital transformation, which is why we are fixated on building technologies that can drive the Khet Se Kitchen Tak initiative. Our objective is to bring the consequent benefits to every acre of farmland and stakeholder in the value chain.”

In addition to bridging the gap between farmers and customers, the project will expand the food product distribution network for farmers and other stakeholders in both domestic and international markets. Khet-Se-Kitchen Tak was launched at India Food Expo held in Lucknow, inaugurated by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in the presence of Union Minister of State for MSME, Bhanu Pratap Verma.

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Leads Connect Services, a data, risk management, and financial services agritech company is the foundational block of the initiative. It plays a critical role in providing farm risk management and securing higher incomes for farmers by mitigating pre-harvest risks. The company also disseminates timely stage-wise agronomy advice such as the impact of weather, biophysical, and crop management parameters on productivity.

Apart from increasing yield efficiency, Leads Connect offers digitalisation and end-to-end analytics, including geospatial, SpaceTech and Drone-as-a-Service (DrAAS) for precision farming.

Leads Connect has created a unified platform called “AGRANI,” which is a digital database of farmers that stakeholders can access through analytical dashboards. It has created two mobile applications; Agrani app for farmers and Agrani Saathi for FPO, agribusinesses and VLEs (Village Level Entrepreneurs) and plans to set up brick-and-mortar Agrani Centres throughout Uttar Pradesh bringing the farm advisory, financial services and market linkage to the doorstep of farmers and agribusinesses.

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