Brazil Agrishow 2024 brings together international machinery companies with the most varied technologies

Brazil Agrishow 2024 brings together international machinery companies with most varied technologies
The Italian Pavilion, organised by ITA, brings together more than 15 companies. Other companies from different countries debut in this year's edition, which is expected to attract nearly 200,000 visitors

Ribeirão Preto (SP), Brazil: Agrishow 2024 highlights the presence of international agricultural machinery companies. The fair, organised by ABIMAQ in association with ApexBrasil in Ribeirão Preto (SP), Brazil, expects to receive around 200,000 visitors from more than 50 countries, who will be able to discover innovations developed by leading Brazilian brands and companies based in nations such as Spain, Germany, Colombia, the Netherlands, China, Hong Kong and Italy.

The Argentine company Cricuanelli, with more than 60 years in the agricultural machinery market, is one of the newcomers at Agrishow. The company began its international growth strategy and recently signed an agreement to produce its technology in Brazil, in partnership with Grupo Piccin, from São Carlos (SP). From the joint venture with the Piccin Group, ACP (Aliança Crucianelli Piccin) was born.

Another international presence is the Chinese multinational LiuGong, present in more than 170 countries. The group launched the S935TA Sugarcane Harvester on the Brazilian market and brought the S935TA Sugarcane Harvester to this year’s edition. “With this launch, LiuGong inaugurates a robust cycle of investments in solutions for the agricultural market”, highlights the company.

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Another highlight from China is the state-owned YTO, which is participating in the Agrishow for the first time and offers low-cost machines to small and medium-sized producers. The company is bringing engines from 24 horsepower to 240 horsepower. Among the business strategies is the sale of imported tractors to commercial representatives spread across the country.

Italian Pavilion

Present at the fair for 24 years, the Italian Pavilion features 19 companies to solidify the technological bridge between Brazil and the European country. The space brings together companies that offer products, services and solutions in their portfolio that aim to help rural producers boost results and optimise digital transformation during the harvest, livestock and gardening cycle.

The Italian Pavilion is organised by ITA – Italian Trade Agency, an agency linked to the Italian government that aims to promote commercial and technological exchange. According to ITA, in 2023, Brazil had an important partner in the supply of technology (parts and pieces) in Italy, registering around US$47 million in imported products.

Some of the Italian brands present at Agrishow 2024
  • PWG SRL – axial piston pumps and motors, hydraulic joysticks and special filters for hydrostatic transmissions.
  • WALVOIL SPA – hydraulic valves, pumps, motors and complete mechatronic systems designed for mobile equipment, construction and earthmoving machines, agricultural machines, industrial vehicles, lifting and transport equipment.
  • AVMAP SRL – From parallel guidance displays to ISOBUS terminals; weeding solutions, smart antennas, telematics boxes and cloud-based smart farming platforms.
  • UDOR S.P.A. – membrane pumps and medium and high-pressure piston pumps, for antiparasitic spraying and weeding treatments in agriculture and gardening, fire prevention, high-pressure washing, pipe cleaning and high-level applications.
  • A.M.A. SPA – Cabin components, seats and steering wheels, hydraulics, agricultural components, gardening and soil management.
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