Brazil Agrishow 2024 showcases robots, advanced agri machinery; expects nearly 2 lakh visitors

Brazil Agrishow 2024 showcases robots, advanced agricultural machineries; expects nearly 2 lakh visitors
The fair features companies that offer everything from solutions for precision agriculture to equipment for livestock, including storage, agri implements, seeds, software and hardware and much more

Ribeirão Preto (SP), Brazil: The 29th edition of Latin America’s largest agricultural technology fair, Agrishow began on April 29, 2024, in Ribeirão Preto (SP), Brazil. Continuing till May 3rd, the fair is providing a stage for innovations in the field of agricultural development around the world. The Agrishow 2024 is organised by Brazil Machinery Solutions (BMS), a project aimed at boosting exports, born out of a collaboration between ABIMAQ (The Brazilian Machinery Builders’ Association) and ApexBrasil (The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency).

With a total area of 520,000 square meters, the equivalent of 21 kilometres of streets and avenues, Agrishow 2024 showcases the launch and demonstration of the latest innovations for agribusiness. With more than 800 exhibiting brands, both Brazilian and international, and an expected audience of around 200,000 visitors, the fair features companies that offer everything from solutions for precision agriculture to equipment for livestock farming, including storage, agricultural implements, construction machines, seeds, software and hardware and much more.

“It must be said that Brazilian agricultural technology dominates the production of machines, implements and various products for tropical environments. It is unique and exclusive in the world, and is also used for agriculture in temperate climates”, said João Marchesan, President of the fair.

Key exhibitors at Agrishow 2024


Sigma Sensors, specialised in solutions for agricultural optimisation, the company highlights the FieldScan platform. This platform integrates data from various sources to analyse crop performance. With over a decade at Agrishow, Sigma Sensors offers a variety of equipment including EMC-RX Weather Station and MX2307 Bluetooth Soil Temperature and Moisture Data Logger. Furthermore, the company makes it possible to customise the assembly of the station according to the application’s demands. Wireless weather stations stand out for their accuracy and reliability, offering a detailed view of environmental conditions.


Technology in the field revolutionises agricultural efficiency, allowing more production in less space and time, in a sustainable way. TMA’s transshipments exemplify this evolution, with 11 models ranging from 10 to 40 tonnes of capacity, the largest in Brazil. Innovation continues with the VTT 5022, now available with electric drive or hydraulic transmission, reducing fuel consumption and pollution. The PTX 7010 Sugarcane Planter stands out for its efficiency, distributing inputs with precision and economy, while the Vinhaça Applicator Truck, equipped with cutting-edge technology, triples the application yield. With around 40 per cent of national inputs, TMA reinforces its commitment to valuing Brazilian products, the result of a solid partnership with local suppliers.


Netafim highlights its innovations in precision irrigation. As a world leader in this sector vital to agricultural sustainability, the company uses the event to showcase its drip irrigation expertise and technologies. One of the main new features is GrowSphere, an evolution of Netafim’s digital irrigation. This system allows remote control and monitoring of irrigation, in addition to offering advanced features such as Crop Advisor, which provides crucial information about the plants’ needs. Netafim aims to offer complete solutions that combine profitability and sustainability for Brazilian farmers.

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TOTVS presents specialised solutions for digitalisation in agribusiness at Agrishow 2024. The highlight is TOTVS Agro Multicultivo, a comprehensive system that manages all stages of the agricultural process. TOTVS Agro Beneficiamento is aimed at cotton cultivation, offering complete tools for the entire process. For the bioenergy sector, TOTVS offers TOTVS Agro Bioenergia, which covers everything from land leasing to the industrial processing of sugar and ethanol. In addition, the company presents TOTVS Agro Comercialização de Commodities, which manages all stages of marketing.

Gates do Brasil

Gates do Brasil, a leader in agricultural belts and hydraulic hoses, presents its broad portfolio at Agrishow 2024. Focusing on productivity and material technology, the company offers solutions for the maintenance of agricultural equipment. A highlight is the ProFlex line of hydraulic hoses, which offers variable pressure and installation flexibility. In addition, Gates highlights its complete line of agricultural belts, from Micro-V to Powerbands and speed variations. In the hose area, visitors can check out the MXT, MXG 4K and MXG 5K lines, as well as hoses for SCR systems.

Agoro Carbon Alliance

The Agoro Carbon Alliance, a global business of Yara International, a world leader in plant nutrition, is expanding its operations to encourage rural producers to adopt positive actions to decarbonise the food chain. The project allows the producer, in addition to improving soil health, due to the implementation of sustainable practices, to also potentially receive carbon credits that will be obtained through the capture and storage of carbon in the soil and which will be sold on the international market.

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Germipasto, a reference company in the production and marketing of pasture seeds, brings technology in the pasture seeds segment to another edition of Agrishow. The company is a pioneer in the development of pasture seed inlay in Brazil and was placed on the market in 2012 as the first electric seeder in the country, the VD-TEC, to distribute seeds and low-volume products. Over this period, machines have evolved in technology to meet the needs of farmers and ranchers. The VD-TEC Mult G2 model is the most recent and features a seed sensor and electronic regulation.


Liberali, a Brazilian multinational founded in 2001 and operating in 30 countries, presents its innovative and personalised solutions for agribusiness, emphasising the integrated platform that offers business modernisation, improved strategic management, process control and reliable reporting. Its products and services are designed to meet the needs of large rural properties and companies in the agricultural sector on a global scale.

Vedacil Hydraulic Components

Vedacil Componentes Hidráulicos presents a wide range of products, including seals (gaskets, scrapers, o-rings), hydraulic components (spare parts for pumps, valves, repairs, filters, pressure gauges and others), hoses and connections. A big new feature this year is the Gates Belts, which are now part of our product mix. Recognised for their efficiency and durability, Gates V-belts and timing belts also offer maximum savings and top-notch technical customer support. Furthermore, Vedacil works with certified brands in the oil-hydraulic segment, guaranteeing the quality of the products and services offered.

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Hengst Brazil

Hengst Brasil debuts at Agrishow 2024 with solutions in engine filtration and hydraulics, highlighting German technology. The company presents Blue.maxx and Blue.on filtration systems, used by European automakers. Highlights include the Blue.maxx 450 fuel filtration system and the Deutz filtration module. In hydraulic filtration, the Cyclone and Pure Power systems promise superior performance. Online tools such as Fit4Filter and are also introduced to help customers find the best solutions.


AgriplaX presents all its excellence in the production of plastic parts and solutions for agribusiness, making its structure and experience available for the development of new products. With a modern, innovative and sustainable proposal, AgriplaX will demonstrate its dynamism in plastic transformation through Rotomolding, Blowing and Injection, serving projects that offer durable solutions with practicality, low cost and sustainability. Operating in the agriculture, livestock and transportation segments, the company’s products contribute to making agribusiness more efficient.


A partner of rural producers, Sicredi offers special conditions to members during the fair. With more than 7.5 million members across the country and more than 2700 branches, Sicredi is the main transferor of BNDES lines. In 2023, the institution released around R$8.2 billion in BNDES credit, of which R$5.7 billion was allocated to agribusiness, representing an increase of 37 per cent compared to the previous period. The Sicredi team is available to meet producers’ demands in a personalised way, aiming to adopt technology, generate income and improve the quality of life in the countryside.

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Athos takes its mobile support units into the field, designed to increase agribusiness efficiency. Among the vehicles on display is a field experience semi-trailer aimed at pulp companies, offering spaces such as an office, warehouse, changing room and kitchen, powered by clean energy from photovoltaic panels. Another highlighted unit is a field experience bus dedicated to agribusiness, providing transportation and suitable environments for meals and hygiene for workers.

Convicta Group

The Convicta Group, recognised for its excellence in the manufacture of construction equipment, presents its most recent launches: the C30 Mobile Dosing Plant and the Auto Loadable, versatile and efficient solutions for agribusiness. The C30 Dosing Plant is mobile and has a high production of inputs, suitable for works that require mobility. Meanwhile, the Auto Carregável is a complete 3-in-1 equipment, capable of weighing, mixing and transporting, with integral 4×4 transmission and an integrated automation system to speed up the operator’s work.


Toyama celebrates 25 years of innovation at Agrishow 2024, exhibiting its complete portfolio of products aimed at agribusiness and small and medium-sized rural producers. Among the highlighted solutions is the electric line for gardening, with eight new products and expansion to up to 21 variations, ideal for maintaining rural areas. Furthermore, the family of electric trimmers has expanded, offering six models with varying powers for gardens and green areas. The company also showcases gardening equipment, lawnmowers, atomisers, fence post drills, micro tractors and much more.

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Wyld Networks

Wyld Networks showcases its innovations in IoT connectivity, highlighting its commitment to pushing the boundaries of connectivity for the agribusiness sector. Recognised as a leading provider of sensor-to-satellite connectivity solutions for IoT, the company is excited to participate in this crucial event for the global agricultural industry. With its pioneering technology, Wyld Networks empowers companies to harness the full potential of data generated by IoT devices, resulting in greater operational efficiency and informed decision-making. During the event, visitors can explore Wyld Connect and Wyld Fusion.


DronePro presents the new releases of DJI Agriculture, T50 and T25. The T50 agricultural drone maintains the coaxial dual rotor power system, offering a flow rate of 16 litres per minute and uniform drops. The Agras T25 has a maximum spraying load of 20 kg and a spreading load of 25 kg, as well as a high-definition camera for surveying, mapping, spraying and spreading.


Addiante debuts at Agrishow 2024 with technological innovations and commitment to its stakeholders. The agricultural sector already represents approximately 30 per cent of the deals closed by the joint venture, created in November 2022. To strengthen its presence in the Brazilian agricultural market, the company aims to consolidate its brand, revealing the differences that made it stand out in a short period of activity. During the fair, Addiante offers special conditions for closing contracts, providing participants with exclusive opportunities to purchase heavy vehicles.

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Agridrones, a leader in DJI Agriculture distribution in the Americas, stands out as a reference in technology and innovation in precision agriculture. Its commitment to excellence is reflected in the pioneering adoption of drones for spraying and remote sensing, redefining standards for crop monitoring and agricultural resource management. Under the leadership of Valdicimar de Assis Mattusoch, the company aims to offer technological solutions that empower farmers to make informed and sustainable decisions. With a team of experts and strategic collaborations, Agridrones constantly seeks to drive innovation and improve its solutions.


Cromai is highlighting its artificial intelligence solutions for the agricultural sector. Among them, Cromai Scan Weed identifies and classifies invasive plants, while Cromai Scan Growline corrects planting errors in sugarcane. Furthermore, Cromai Sentinel automatically quantifies plant impurities. These technologies promote assertive decision-making, saving resources and improving operational efficiency in agricultural activities.

What is Brazil Machinery Solutions?

The Brazil Machinery Solutions (BMS) Program is the outcome of a collaboration between the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) and the Brazilian Machinery Builders’ Association (ABIMAQ). It aims to bolster the export of Brazilian machinery and equipment while enhancing Brazil’s reputation as a producer of technologically advanced and competitive mechanical capital goods. The BMS Program encompasses companies across various sectors, including agriculture, textiles, mining, plastics, and packaging.

What is ABIMAQ?

Established in 1937, the Brazilian Machinery Builders’ Association (ABIMAQ) is dedicated to fortifying the Brazilian industry. Its mission involves mobilising the sector, engaging with political and economic entities, promoting international trade and collaboration, and advancing technology, human resource training, and modern management practices.

What is ApexBrasil?

The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) aims to showcase Brazilian products and services globally and attract foreign investments to key sectors of the Brazilian economy. ApexBrasil achieves its objectives through various trade promotion initiatives, such as trade missions, business rounds, support for Brazilian companies at major international expos, and hosting foreign buyers and influencers to familiarise them with Brazil’s productive capacity.

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