National Academy of Agricultural Sciences invites industry to participate in the Investors’ Meet

National Academy of Agricultural Sciences invites industry to participate in the Investors’ Meet

The National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS), a premier research platform in the fields of crop research, animal husbandry, fisheries and agroforestry, has invited the agricultural industry to participate in the Investors’ Meet, scheduled on August 29, 2023, at NAAS Building, NASC Complex, DPS Road, New Delhi.

The Academy provides a forum for agricultural scientists for deliberations, and to organise seminars, congresses and conferences for the propagation of agricultural sciences even up to the school level, which it has been carrying out since its inception in 1990. It also maintains a corporate membership scheme for the corporate houses. It acts as a research and policy base for agricultural scientists to formulate their advice to the policymakers in discussion with the agricultural and agro-industrial communities.

Why this Investors’ Meet?

“The Academy was financially being supported by the Government of India from its inception. However, the Government of India is gradually withdrawing financial support to the Academy with a desire that the Academy finds out ways and means to support itself,” Dr. KM Bujarbaruah, Vice President, National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said.

“While the Academy is taking up several steps towards this end, it is also exploring the possibility of accessing a handsome fund from the corporate houses, especially under their CSR programmes,” Dr. Bujarbaruah added.

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“NAAS is the only National Academy to promote agricultural sciences covering all its branches like the crop sciences, veterinary, fisheries, agroforestry, horticulture and natural resource management. As a think tank and policy-making body for agriculture, its sustainability in terms of generous funding from corporate bodies is very vital and crucial at this juncture when it is reeling under impending financial problems. The Academy feels that it is our collective responsibility to ensure the continued functioning of the Academy for the interest of the agrarian economy of the country,” the Academy said.

In what way the Investors will gain?

Instead of naming the gain, the Academy intends to discuss the expectation of the investors in the Investors’ Meet and come out with mutually beneficial areas of gain.

The organisation of the NAAS Investors’ Meet is being facilitated by the Rural Access, Development Foundation and Agriculture Post.

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