Global Turmeric Conference to bring farmers and industry together; aims to develop turmeric ecosystem

Global Turmeric Conference to bring farmers and industry together; aims to develop turmeric value chain

NCDEX Institute of Commodity Markets and Research (NICR) in collaboration with Tefla’s is going to organise the Global Turmeric Conference on September 27, 2023, where farmer producer organisations (FPOs), traders, processors, exporters, researchers and other stakeholders of the turmeric ecosystem will come together to discuss various issues related to the crop.

“The conference is expected to be an important event, concentrating on various aspects of the turmeric industry, such as production, marketing, and international trade. It will investigate new developments in agricultural practices, present an overview of the turmeric export industry, and investigate global quality standards,” the organisers said.

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“It was a long pending demand from the turmeric industry that there should be one inclusive platform where all the stakeholders have the opportunity to meet and discuss all the issues related to turmeric as both a crop and as an industrial commodity. We are highly optimistic about this initiative and believe that the industry will derive valuable insights to work upon in the near future,” said Arun Raste, Director, NICR.

The Global Turmeric Conference will also highlight how new technology, new processing practices, and input developments are revolutionising the turmeric business. Weather conditions have a significant impact on crop cultivation, and the conference will offer insight on their impact on turmeric planting. Furthermore, it will delve into turmeric’s new horizons, where ideas and tactics to boost industrial growth within the turmeric sector will be addressed.

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According to the organisers, attendees will also gain insights into turmeric trade dynamics, current trends, and an in-depth market analysis, allowing them to make more informed decisions. The seminar will examine techniques for controlling price changes in the turmeric business in a world marked by price volatility. It will also provide useful information on sophisticated information systems geared to the specific demands of the turmeric sector.

NICR, established in 2007 as a 100 per cent subsidiary of the National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX) works on advancing research and awareness in commodity markets. NICR plays an important role in conducting practical research and consultancy for domestic and international NGOs, as well as corporate clients, with a major emphasis on post-harvest market dynamics.

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