President of India recognises biofortified pearl millet startup AgroZee at World Food India

President of India recognises biofortified pearl millet startup AgroZee at World Food India

At the World Food India event in New Delhi, the biofortified pearl millet startup AgroZee garnered recognition for its contributions to the field of agriculture and nutrition. AgroZee, with its pioneering work in biofortified crops, has been at the forefront of a mission to improve food quality and nutrition accessibility. The award was presented by the President of India Droupati Mrumu.

AgroZee’s journey is a remarkable one, with a unique focus on iron-rich pearl millet with support from HarvestPlus Solutions. The startup’s innovative approach involves procuring these millets directly from farmers in Maharashtra and adding substantial value through the involvement of women’s self-help groups. This empowers local communities and also contributes to a sustainable supply chain for biofortified millets. The startup is fervently promoting the adoption of nutrient-enriched food and encouraging farmers to cultivate biofortified crops with exceptionally high nutritive value. This dedication to enhancing the nutritional quality of food is a significant step toward a healthier and more prosperous India.

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Speaking on the recognition, Mahesh Londhe, Founder and CEO, AgroZee said, “Without the support of HarvestPlus Solutions, we could not have achieved this award. Our collaboration with HarvestPlus Solutions reflects our unwavering commitment to improving the nutritional landscape and empowering communities. Together, we are sowing the seeds of change to cultivate a brighter, healthier future for India.”

Highlighting the collaboration with AgroZee, Ravinder Grover, Regional Coordinator-Asia, HarvestPlus said, “Our commitment to collaborating with social enterprises in promoting nutrient-enriched foods and motivating farmers to cultivate high-nutrient crops is a significant stride for a healthier and more prosperous India. This recognition is a major achievement for AgroZee and Naturally Nutritious Crops.”

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“The recognition of this work in the field of biofortified iron-rich pearl millet highlights the growing importance of nutritious and healthy products in ensuring food security and well-being throughout the nation. As we celebrate this achievement, it is a testament to the shared vision and commitment of HarvestPlus Solutions and AgroZee, aligning perfectly with the goals of creating a healthier and more nourished India,” the startup said.

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