BioPrime AgriSolutions gears up for microbial revolution with breakthrough strains and advanced formulations

BioPrime AgriSolutions gears up for microbial revolution with breakthrough strains and advanced formulations

Pune: BioPrime AgriSolutions, a leading innovator in sustainable agriculture, has received a crucial green light from the government to commercialise its high-performance microbial strains from the Bionexus library. This landmark approval unlocks the potential for BioPrime to deliver their new microbial solutions boasting a remarkable 2x performance improvement across eleven key areas, including mineralisation, nitrogen fixation, nutrient use efficiency, and soil restoration, the biological solution provider announced today.

“With the government’s collaborative effort, BioPrime has registered these novel strains. This strategic move involves rigorous data generation encompassing safety, toxicology, and stability parameters, underscoring BioPrime’s commitment to ensuring the utmost quality and safety standards for its groundbreaking microbial offerings,” the company said.

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“Beyond the approval for existing strains, BioPrime’s visionary approach extends to formulation innovation- a key differentiator in addressing long-standing challenges associated with microbe stability, in-field establishment, and ensuring plant-microbe communication. Previous formulations in the market have consistently fallen short of overcoming these hurdles, limiting the true potential of microbes in agriculture.

BioPrime’s commitment to overcoming historical bottlenecks in microbial activity reflects its dedicated efforts toward formulation innovation. Combining top-tier strains with cutting-edge formulations, BioPrime is poised to redefine the boundaries of microbial efficacy and deliver unparalleled performance,” BioPrime laid out its roadmap.

Highlighting the opportunity, Dr. Shekhar Bhosle, Co-Founder & COO of BioPrime AgriSolutions, said, “The government’s approval to introduce our high-performance microbial strains marks a pivotal moment in BioPrime’s journey. This endorsement validates our commitment to agricultural innovation and reinforces our vision for a future where sustainable practices redefine the agricultural landscape.”

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Speaking on the potential of the Bionexus Library Dr Amit Shinde, Co-Founder & COO of BioPrime AgriSolutions, said, “This is just the beginning for the Bionexus biologicals. Our library contains several hundred high-potential novel strains e.g. 650+ Bacillus strains, 300+ Pseudomonas strains, 250+ endosymbiotic nitrogen fixers, and 50+ Trichoderma strains. We are cementing partnerships with global MNCs for these strains’ commercialisations. Besides, we are very excited about our discovery of several potent microbial metabolites for antifungals, antibacterials, bioinsecticides and biopesticides.”

“This strategic approach positions BioPrime as a frontrunner in sustainable agriculture, offering farmers a comprehensive solution that unlocks the true potential of microbes. This landmark government approval, coupled with BioPrime’s unwavering commitment to sustainable practices, paves the way for a future where agriculture and environmental health go hand-in-hand,” the company informed.

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