Marut Drones trains over 150 rural women in agri-drone operations at Namo Drone Didi event

Marut Drones trains over 150 rural women in agricultural drone operation at Namo Drone Didi event

Mumbai: India’s leading drone manufacturer Marut Drones, trained 150 SHG (self-help group) women in technology-operated agriculture drones at the Namo Drone Didi event. The event Sashakt Nari – Vikasit Bharat programme attended virtually by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saw over 150 drone pilots trained by Marut Drones fly Marut’s AG365 drones in the sky.

Emphasising the significance of this milestone, Prem Kumar Vislawath, CEO and Founder, Marut Drones, said, “Marut Drones has leveraged drone technology to further women’s empowerment and equality, we are proud to have supported female drone pilots in tackling the obstacles within male-dominated sectors such as agriculture and aerospace. The success of Marut Drones lies in becoming essential stakeholders in shaping rural prosperity by empowering 150 out of 1000 Namo Drone Didi. Marut’s comprehensive DGCA-approved training programmes strive to break barriers for aspiring women drone pilots. Women have been integral to Marut’s vision of fostering economic and financial autonomy among women, with rural women flying drones – it’s the beginning of a new India.”

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“The success of Marut Drones trained SHG women highlights the efficiency of drone technology in creating gender inclusivity. 150 women SHGs have been positively impacted by Marut’s Drone pilot training course. Through government initiatives and Marut’s drone technology, Marut aims to promote economic empowerment to women farmers and enable them to become innovators of modern agricultural practices,” the drone manufacturer said.

Marut Drones trained 90 women from Phulpur in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, and 60 from Motihari in Bihar to demonstrate their remarkable drone pilot training skills to the nation.

Marut Drones focuses on advancing agriculture and building the agricultural infrastructure of the next century to ensure a sufficient, diversified, and safe food supply. Marut Drones envisions revolutionising agriculture through comprehensive drone technology solutions focusing on precision agriculture and automation.

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