Satyukt Analytics, Zuari FarmHub partner to accelerate satellite-powered precision farming solutions

Satyukt Analytics, Zuari FarmHub partner to accelerate satellite-powered precision farming solutions

To provide satellite-powered precision farming solutions through its APIs, Satyukt Analytics has recently entered into a strategic alliance with Zuari FarmHub. Leveraging the power of Application Programming Interface (API), Satyukt will seamlessly provide access to farm management solutions to farmers and other stakeholders associated with Zuari FarmHub.

Zuari FarmHub is specialised in the manufacturing and distribution of a diverse range of agri-inputs. With a comprehensive product portfolio encompassing fertilisers, speciality nutrients, pesticides, and seeds, Zuari FarmHub provides essential resources to farmers across the country. Zuari FarmHub has established its retail stores, positioned to cater to the needs of farmers.

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Through this partnership, the API integration would empower farmers associated with Zuari FarmHub with a level of control and insight into their agricultural operations. They gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools and metrics that cover essential aspects such as soil health, crop health, moisture levels, and the identification of potential threats like pests and diseases. This integration goes beyond traditional methods, providing a seamless and interconnected platform where data flows effortlessly, ensuring real-time access to critical information. Moreover, the collaborative efforts extend to other stakeholders within the agricultural value chain. The agribusinesses and researchers connected to Zuari FarmHub can leverage the integrated data to gain valuable insights into regional agricultural trends and plan resource allocation strategies.

This holistic approach to data-driven decision-making ensures that farmers and other agricultural stakeholders aligned with Zuari FarmHub are equipped with the tools they need to make informed choices in their farming practices. By offering actionable insights, this partnership enables farmers to optimise their productivity, conserve resources, and adopt environmentally friendly and sustainable agricultural methods.

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Highlighting the collaboration, Dr Yukti Gill, MD & co-founder of Satyukt Analytics, said, “Embarking on this transformative journey with Zuari FarmHub fills us with excitement and anticipation. Our joint commitment to innovation means that we will be at the forefront of developing and providing affordable, actionable, and precise agricultural services. This commitment drives us for sustained agricultural growth to create enduring value for farmers.”

Speaking on the partnership, Madan Pandey, MD, Zuari FarmHub said, “We aim to create value for farmers and stakeholders by providing integrated agri solutions to all farm needs. By providing real-time access to farm data, we will empower farmers to maximise yields, reduce wastage and hence ensure sustainable farming practices. Precision farming will create the next agricultural revolution in India that will vastly improve the profitability for Indian farmers.”

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