Yara India reaches 11.8 million farmers digitally; says its Sustainability Report

Yara India reaches 11.8 million farmers digitally; says its India Sustainability Report
The report centres on the 5C approach to sustainability: Commit, Channelize, Care, Concern, and Contribute. They align with SDGs while addressing areas like GHG emission reduction, energy conservation, water stewardship, circularity, and biodiversity

Yara India, a part of Norwegian multinational Yara International – a leading global crop nutrition company and a provider of agricultural, industrial, and environmental solutions, today announced the release of its first India Sustainability Report. The report describes Yara’s approach to enhancing the sustainability of its business processes in India and progress towards change. Yara India has reached 11.8 million farmers digitally and positively impacted the lives of 68,000 members of the farmer fraternity through its partnerships with over 125 farmer producer organisations (FPOs) across 13 states.

The sustainability report centres on the 5C approach to sustainability at Yara: Commit, Channelize, Care, Concern, and Contribute. These pillars align with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while addressing areas like GHG emission reduction, energy conservation, water stewardship, circularity, and biodiversity. The company developed a plan to invest in initiatives and programme creation in areas that will lower operating costs, induct a higher female workforce across the value chain, provide revenue opportunities, and lower operating risks.

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Highlighting the report, Sanjiv Kanwar, Managing Director, Yara South Asia said, “We are pleased to launch our first India Sustainability Report, which underscores our commitment to sustainable growth and operations in the country and the world. Our work enables us to impact sustainably along the manufacturing and agricultural value chains while offering high-tech solutions to the farmers feeding the globe. Our teams are also assisting us consistently in this endeavour and we are also relying on them for innovative ideas to enhance productivity, eradicate waste, and reduce costs. Through our initiatives, we have been able to reach out to 11.6 million farmers and directly support 68,000 members of the farming community across 13 states.”

The company is creating and developing solutions that cater to the changing needs of farmers and reduce environmental impacts. The report, which aligns with the Global Reporting Initiative, highlights company accomplishments such as:

  • Commit: 11.6 million farmers reached through online sessions, and partnerships with more than 125 FPOs across 13 states enable Yara India to directly connect with and support around 68,000 members of the farmer community. Yara Crop Nutrition Centres (YCNC) attract 0.7- 1.0 million farmers monthly.
  • Channelise: Created opportunities for women in customer-facing roles such as agronomy and sales and as agri-entrepreneurs; partnered with 7 women-only FPOs and women formed 50 per cent of the Yara India Advisory Council, which has been established to guide the organisation across various strategic business imperatives.
  • Care: Impacted 65,000 lives through our CSR initiatives; special initiatives for physical, mental and emotional well-being of the people. 99 per cent of full-time employees covered through training sessions during the year.
  • Concern: Measures towards, reducing scope 1 GHG emissions are being undertaken along with a rigorous process for waste segregation and recycling. Installation of 600 KLD MBR based sewage treatment plant for water treatment is underway.
  • Contribute: Generated employment for 1535 people. and supported 55 small businesses.
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“Going forward, Yara has planned to continue to reinforce sustainability reporting practices defining standards that can set the benchmarks for the fertiliser industry in the country and aim to focus on increasing the participation of women in agriculture from within Yara India and outside the wider ecosystem. As part of the ongoing efforts, Yara will continue to strengthen digital farming solutions to give more farmers access to banks of cutting-edge agronomy knowledge. In line with the UN SDG’, Yara will work towards reducing its carbon footprint by minimising GHG emissions, and by introducing renewable and greener energy sources such as green ammonia. The company will aim to increase its social footprint by contributing more towards nation-building and community development,” Yara India said.

(All figures are provided by Yara India.)

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One Comment on “Yara India reaches 11.8 million farmers digitally; says its Sustainability Report”

  1. Yara India’s digital initiatives have made a significant impact in reaching out to millions of farmers and improving their access to vital information on crop nutrition and fertilisers. The company’s sustainability efforts are commendable, and its focus on promoting sustainable agricultural practices is critical for India’s long-term food security. Yara India’s success story is a testament to the power of digital technology in transforming agriculture and improving the lives of farmers.

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