Cargill launches dairy feed ‘Milkgen 10000’ in Maharashtra to boost milk yields and profitability

Cargill launches dairy feed 'Milkgen 10000' in Maharashtra to boost milk yields and profitability

In response to the dairy farmers’ continued focus on increasing milk production, Cargill has unveiled a new dairy feed, ‘Milkgen 10000,’ for the dairy industry in Maharashtra with a focus on enhancing milk quality, milk productivity and overall animal well-being. Cargill held multi-city launch events in Maharashtra with over 200 dealers and partners in attendance.

“As India’s dairy farming sector continues to grow, farmers are prioritising improved feed management practices to optimise the milk capacity of their livestock. ‘Milkgen 10000′ is designed specifically to meet farmers’ needs, offering enhanced value and improved animal health. With Cargill’s formulation technology, ‘Milkgen 10000’ delivers a balanced protein and starch content and is designed to increase milk production along with milk components, fat and solid not-fat,” the company claimed.

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“Cargill Milkgen 10000 comes with proven results after positively impacting the dairy industry in Punjab and is a key ingredient of cattle feed at dairy farms across the state. Leveraging its global research and technology capabilities in animal health and nutrition, Cargill brings this innovative product to revolutionise dairy farming practices in Maharashtra and enhance farmer livelihoods to boost the global competitiveness of the Indian dairy sector,” the agribusiness company said.

Speaking at the launch, Dr. Prashant Shinde, Commercial Director, Cargill Animal Nutrition and Health Business in India, shared insights into the emerging market trends and the many benefits of the product. “This launch aligns seamlessly with our aspirations to remain the foremost supplier and trusted partner for both feed millers and farmers within the country. It underscores our commitment to bolstering the local dairy industry by supporting growth in farm income. With this product we aim to empower dairy farmers in Maharashtra to achieve unprecedented success,” he said.

The launch events delivered a platform for dealers to engage with the brand and the product, featuring interactive sessions where they could gain an in-depth understanding of the product attributes, advantages, and potential impact on Maharashtra’s dairy sector.

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