Insecticides (India) launches patented insecticide ‘Turner; to tackle white grub and termite in various crops

Insecticides (India) launches patented insecticide ‘Turner; to tackle white grub and termite in various crops

New Delhi: Insecticides (India) Limited (IIL), one of India’s leading crop protection and nutrition companies, has launched a patented insecticide called ‘Turner’ with unique properties and residual control, effective against white grub and termites on a variety of crops.

Turner is an innovative broad-spectrum insecticide that protects white grub and termites, which are a big challenge for Indian farmers. With contact, stomach and repellent properties, Insecticides (India)’s Turner will turn out to be a superior tool to fight these insects for the farmers. Turner is a patented product with long-term effectiveness.

Highlighting the new product, Rajesh Aggarwal, Managing Director, IIL, said, “At IIL, we are driven by a strong R&D team, committed to bringing the latest global technologies and introducing novel and sustainable solutions to address Indian farmers’ challenges. Turner is a breakthrough technology promising a leap forward in pest management. We are confident that Turner will help farmers improve their income through effective protection for a superior harvest.”

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“Indian growers deserve access to the most advanced solutions to help them achieve better yields. We aim to provide our hardworking farmers with the right product with the best quality possible within their reach.,” Aggarwal further said.

Insecticides (India), one of the fastest-growing crop care and nutrition companies, has emerged as a front-line performer in India’s crop care market and is all set to grow impressively.

IIL owns the ‘Tractor Brand’ which is highly popular among the farmers. This umbrella brand of its crop protection products signifies the company’s deep connection with the farming community. Leading products of IIL are Pulsor, Green Label, Shinwa, Mission, Lethal Gold, Hercules, Sofia, Hachiman, and Kunoichi, among others.

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