Insecticides (India) launches Stunner fungicide for Downy Mildew disease in grapes

Insecticides (India) launches Stunner fungicide for Downy Mildew disease in grapes

Insecticides (India) Limited (IIL), one of India’s leading crop protection and nutrition companies, has launched an indigenously made fungicide called ‘Stunner’ to combat mainly Downy Mildew disease in grapes. This broad-spectrum fungicide comes as a respite particularly for the production of grapes as huge losses, in the form of mortality of the plant ranging from 20 per cent to 80 per cent, are incurred by the farmers due to this fungal disease. Downy Mildew disease plays havoc by significantly affecting the quality of grapes, IIL said today.

“This is the first time that this technical and formulation is being manufactured in India. Owing to the requirement of a fungicide for successful grape cultivation, our farmers were mainly dependent on imported fungicide formulations to date. However, being a firm believer of the ‘Make in India’ initiative, we took this step, and here we are with Stunner in hand for the first time in India. Stunner is an effective fungicide for Downy Mildew disease in grapes,” informed, Rajesh Aggarwal, Managing Director, Insecticides (India).

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“The lion’s share of the potential market will be from Western Maharashtra, mainly the areas of Nashik, Baramati, Sangli, Narayangaon, Solapur and Satara. We are elated that this unique formulation would be a big relief to the farmers who were struggling with the disease of Downy Mildew. Stunner works by activating the defence mechanism of the plant against the fungus.” said Sanjay Vats, Vice President, of Insecticides (India).

“IIL has a strong footprint in the Maharashtra market and our products like Sofia, Monocil, Hercules, Lethal Gold are popular among the farming community. With the launch of new products like Stunner, Shinwa and Izuki, we will be able to provide the complete solution to the farmers within their reach,” mentioned NB Deshmukh, DGM – Marketing, Insecticides (India).

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