Rallis India scales up supply chain effectiveness through digital platform ‘Plan Guru’

Rallis India scales up supply chain effectiveness through digital tool ‘Plan Guru’

New Delhi: Rallis India Limited, a Tata enterprise and a leading player in the Indian agri inputs industry, has launched Plan Guru, a tool to simplify supply chain operations in its crop care and seeds divisions. This is a significant step in establishing integrated end-to-end business planning, response and supply planning processes for domestic and international businesses.

Sanjiv Lal, Managing Director, Rallis India said, “Plan Guru will bring transformations across the entire supply chain management (SCM) landscape, and help enhance individual capability. By transitioning away from manual processes and embracing a digitally integrated planning approach, we aim to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration across the entire supply chain. This shift, from person-dependent planning and independent data views to more accurate planning with interdependent data views, is a significant one. It will pave the way for improved effectiveness and more informed decision-making.”

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Elaborating on the platform, Nagarajan S., Chief Operating Officer, Rallis India said, “Plan Guru will help us handle market disruptions more effectively since the digitalisation brings greater visibility across the supply chain. Digitised real-time simulations of various scenarios allow us to better anticipate challenges, mitigate risks, and maintain a consistent flow of operations. This tool will help us optimise inventory levels while maximising customer service levels. This will thus help build stronger relationships while improving plant utilisation and optimising capital employed.”

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“This robust tool will drive the organisation’s digital supply chain transformation, promote collaboration, optimise planning scenarios, enhance decision-making and ultimately improve the SCM to new levels of efficiency and effectiveness, Rallis India informed.

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