Krishify app introduces voice search feature for farmers

Krishify app introduces voice search feature for farmers

Krishify, a social network and e-commerce platform for farmers has over the years created the largest such digital network in the agriculture space by onboarding a growing community of more than 9 million farmers as well as hundreds of businesses, SMEs, retailers and distributors on its network. Now, given that voice search has increased by 270 per cent in India, as per a report by GroupM, Krishify app too has introduced a voice search feature to help farmers easily search for relevant topics on its social network. Largely, the voice search feature on the Krishify app will help farmers decimate any form of linguistic or communication barrier and simplify searching for any information with their own voice.

The newly integrated voice search is an add-on feature that will make the user journey smoother on Krishify’s social network by helping farmers easily search for any relevant topic that relates to agriculture such as information on mandi prices, government schemes, animal husbandry, sustainable farming practices among other allied activities. Farmers can ask any queries related to crop protection, grain production, and information on tractors, equipment and machinery.

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Highlighting the new initiative, Avinash Kumar, Chief Operating Officer, Krishify said, “Consumers are shifting focus towards voice with each passing day. It’s quite natural for people to prefer to talk rather than type or click. Moreover, in rural India, voice search has a high utility purpose as our data suggests.”

Manish Agrawal, Chief Technology Officer, Krishify said, “What piqued us to introduce voice search was the user behaviour and interactions that suggested an inherent demand and reliance on voice as a means to communicate. We noticed that 54 per cent of farmers on our platform are using speech-to-text transcription in the comments section instead of typing comments. This guided us to make a data-centric decision and launch this new feature.”

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