FMC India launches new insecticide ‘Corprima’ for tomato and okra crops

FMC India launches new insecticide ‘Corprima’ for tomato and okra crops

FMC India, an agricultural sciences company, has launched a new insecticide Corprima. Powered by FMC’s world’s leading Rynaxypyr insect control technology, Corprima will provide tomato and okra farmers across the country with superior crop protection against fruit borers, one of the bigger pain points for Indian farmers.

The innovative insecticide Corprima has been proven to deliver better returns on investment to farmers by having a longer duration of pest control as well as enhanced flower and fruit retention leading to larger harvests of better quality.

According to the Indian Institute of Vegetable Research, tomato farmers across the country lose up to 65 per cent of their yields to fruit borers every year. The infestation of this pest leads to flower dropping and poor plant health resulting in poor quality fruiting, thus adversely impacting crop yields. Corprima promises to provide a superior and long-lasting protection from fruit borer pests which saves farmers’ time, costs and effort to protect their crops.

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Underling the newly launched insecticide, Ravi Annavarapu, President, FMC India said, “The past year saw a record horticultural crop production in the country. However, every year, tomato and okra farmers incur heavy losses due to fruit borer pests, diseases and post-harvest losses amongst other factors. At FMC, we use innovation to solve the challenges faced by farmers by introducing sustainable products and solutions. The introduction of Corprima is a testimony to FMC’s commitment to bring novel solutions to meet farmers’ crop protection needs. I’m confident that Corprima will help tomato and okra farmers improve their incomes through higher yields of better quality.”

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Corprima was launched via a virtual event relayed live in five languages – Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada and was attended by a large number of farmers, retailers, and distributors from across the country. Introduced in 6gm, 17gm and 34gm packs, FMC Corprima Insecticide will meet the crop protection needs of small, marginal and big farmers. Corprima is now available at leading retail stores.

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