Monarch Tractor expands AI research & development team in Singapore

Monarch Tractor expands AI research & development team in Singapore

Singapore: The Silicon Valley-based Monarch Tractor, the maker of the MK-V, the fully electric, driver-optional, connected tractor, recently announced the expansion of its operations in Singapore, signalling major growth and appetite for the company’s AI, robotics and smart farming technology within the Asia Pacific region (APAC). Building off of its existing Singapore presence and successful expansion into Hyderabad, India, earlier this year, Monarch Tractor will move to develop the next generation of data scientists, machine learning engineers and AI (Artificial Intelligence) practitioners by partnering with government agencies and academic institutions to grow their AI research and development team.

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Highlighting the expansion plan, Praveen Penmetsa, Co-Founder & CEO, Monarch Tractor, said, “After our early success in Singapore with the development of our ‘Monarch Auto Drive’ tractor operation, we’re excited to continue to evolve our technology with the help of Singapore’s finest talent. In partnership with the Singapore government, Monarch Tractor is able to provide more job opportunities and also propel our mission for a greener future. More than ever, farmers, government bodies and consumers are looking for more viable options to sustain our planet.”

“Building upon Singapore’s early success to develop the MK-V’s driverless capabilities, Monarch’s expansion and development of new talent will work to create automation capabilities that extend to full farm operations leading to the enablement of profitable and sustainable agricultural practices within the region and globally,” the tractor maker announced.

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“As almost 25 per cent of global GHG emissions result from agriculture, this strategic expansion will champion and enable large-scale emissions reductions that support Singapore’s Green Plan 2030, including the country’s aspiration to become net-zero by 2050. Monarch is currently hiring talent throughout Singapore to support and develop cutting-edge AI robotics technology – creating a smarter, greener and safer farming industry,” the company said.

“Following its launch in 2020, Monarch Tractor has continued to revolutionise the agriculture industry at a global scale through innovative electric and autonomous capabilities. Moving to bring AI to farmers’ fingertips, the company has captured the attention of other major sustainable-focused countries within APAC including New Zealand, where Monarch delivered the first-ever electric tractor to the NZ0 farm,” the tractor manufacturer informed.

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